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QLA is an experience-born company, dedicated to successfully implementing continuous quality improvement processes since 2005. It operates by way of audits in the areas of means of transport, final finishing in production and logistic warehouses, guaranteeing compliance with technical as well as quality requirements concerning handling, distribution, storage and maintenance for manufacturers and importers of the automotive sector. It also detects repetitive incidents in order to help implement corrective KPIs.


On the other hand, QLA holds a large network of experts, who work Just-in-Time with their clients, whether in the case of one-time inspections or for the different variables of the expertise field,  so that these may get online, unbiased and objective information thanks to the web platform. Eventually, it's about providing added value to our clients and collaborating with them so as to obtain an extensive, robust and resilient chain of value.


A good or a service is of good quality inasmuch as it satisfies customer's expectations; in other words, “quality is the result of the composite product characteristics of marketing, engineering,  manufacture and maintenance that determine the degree to which the product in use will meet the expectations of the customer” (Feigenbaum, A. V. 1986).

Organizations, without a doubt, need to assess which strategy to apply so as to provide or generate more value for the company, thus contributing directly to a higher satisfaction of the customers – whether internal or external, and to ensuring their loyalty.

  We have detected a great opportunity for profit by optimizing the supply chain, and consider that it's in this area that companies can yield continuous growth. For this reason, and thanks to it's knowledge and expertise in the main processes that surround the company's supply chain, QLA is able to help  organizations obtain an optimal supply chain in terms of quality as well as in terms of cost.

QLA's general goal is to analyse, together with the client, the present quality processes at the strategic points in the Supply Chain, and if necessary to redesign them, in order to achieve optimization of its resources and to generate logistic efficiency, which will lead to an increase in profitability and a reduction in costs, by means of this constant improvement.




Our know-how concerning quality processes in factories, means of transport and logistic warehouses back us up as experts in counselling for and implementing quality systems, constant improvement of supply chain optimization processes, and accident rate reduction. We also have a large experience in the expertise field, and can adapt to the requirements and needs of each client. Thanks to our commitment to new technologies, our clients have access   in just a click  to our web page where all the information required to take corrective measures will be available “just-in-time”.


Our highest objective is to create an extensive value chain, through effective and efficient risk management, that may produce satisfaction for both internal and external clients and add value and impact for all stakeholders, leading to higher standing for the company, reduced costs and greater customer loyalty.



Subcontracting of warehouse logistics and means of transport implies that suppliers must meet the requirements of manufacturers and importers to whom they offer their services.

In ex-work factories, quality systems are very demanding, and once our products lie in the hands of a third party, a subcontracted service holds the responsibility for them. This is why it's so important to guarantee that all technical quality specifications set by the manufacturer be met, and furthermore to trust that suppliers will do the same. We hold a vast experience in achieving the highest compliance with these specifications, as well as bringing about damage reduction which leads to more cost-effective insurance policies for our products.

QLA is a modern and competitive organization, and together with a highly qualified team, it is committed to new technologies, offering its clients online information on a web platform, providing a high level of professional services with proven capacity for innovation. In just one click have access to your data and manage your business .





QLA offers consulting services in Quality Management, cooperating with organizations to their enhance competitiveness and increase customer satisfaction.

To achieve this, we work hand in hand with the client using the most effective methods, empowering the organization to develop management systems that will bring it closer to excellence. This collaboration enables the client to steer the implementation process of quality management with less dependency on external parties. Handling, unloading and loading, vehicle parking and maintenance up to delivery to the final customer, all these processes are managed so as to ensure compliance with all quality requirements and technical specifications; through our web platform, all the information may be managed online.

QLA has qualified personnel for counselling regarding the implementation of an adequate quality process, putting the client in position to address the auto-evaluation process based on continuous improvement and on prevention and damage reduction in the different phases of final inspection, handling, loading and unloading on means of transport, in factories and in logistic warehouses; this is done by means of the information offered on the web concerning the real situation of these processes so that the adequate preventive and/or corrective measures may be taken.  Do you wish us to collaborate with you? Contact us without any obligation.


QLA holds a large experience in carrying out audits as a means to successfully implement a quality process. The audits are based on the procedures or requirements that the client considers necessary and of obligatory compliance, and form a means of achieving the goals set by the company; they also provide organizations with a very high level of trust, knowing that, in the majority of cases, companies subcontract distribution and warehousing services to others.

 QLA analyses, evaluates and measures the grade of compliance to the quality standards that manufacturing and distributing companies require, for specific problems as well as in a systematic manner, with the aim of reducing damage risks and preventing them, and also of reducing incidents that may affect total lead time and conditions of delivery to the final customer.

These audits do not aim at “blaming” anybody for the errors in the different processes, but on the contrary they aim at providing a tool enabling to introduce improvements and to correct and adjust the quality system, thus leading to constant progress for the company. This really makes up a distinctive feature, in the sense that it's about detecting failures in the efficiency of company decisions and actions when it comes to achieving the quality objectives.

QLA has acquired a long and large experience in the field of expertise, offering technical and customized advice to automotive manufacturers and importers, to dealers, renting and leasing companies, as well as retailers and insurance organizations, with the purpose of reducing costs, accelerating incident treatment, and improving management as well as service provided to our clients; all this thanks to our technical capacities and technological tools through our web platform.

Several assignments carried out for our clients, in the case of accidents produced by climate disasters or because of industrial contamination, vouch for us. Our expert reports, whether one-time or systematic, are customized. They are always backed up with documents giving technical and graphic information, which are available online within 24 hours.

Our scope of action covers the whole Iberian Peninsula, Balearic Islands and Canary islands, except for Ceuta and Melilla.

What differences do we offer, compared to competition? Adaptability when facing any need, and constant search for the best option, together with our clients, to achieve strong and lasting relationships. Our continuous adjustment to new technologies allow us to provide immediate information to our clients, that they can access  in just one click,  view and manage in a most user-friendly manner, making it possible to apply corrective measures “just-in-time” so as to correct or improve process management.





Integrate our efforts to those of our clients and suppliers in order to reach excellence in service through constant improvement, and thus anticipate market needs.

Position QLA (Quality Logistic Assessment) as the company for global logistic solutions, with the best service quality as acknowledged by our clients and by the rest of the market. We wish to be known for offering a global and adaptable service, and for our determination in guaranteeing cost reduction to our clients, promoting service customization and constant supply chain improvement , through the use of technological innovation and efficient resource management.




Development in the emerging market of increasing preventive measures of quality standards for our clients by means of audits, surveys, and expertise.

Innovation with just-in-time resource management.


Presence in all of the Spanish territory, providing speed and efficiency.

Guarantee cost reduction for our clients.

Promotion of service customization.

Constant improvement of the supply chain.




We are committed to a new culture around quality processes in logistics that is success oriented, based on professionalism and integrity, and we firmly believe in transversal integration of CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility, taking into account its three pillars which are social, economic and environmental sustainability.

Presently, a big change can be observed in society. In a global world limits and boarders are reduced, and many people are provided with access to information and knowledge. As the author Martín (2001) states when writing about present changes and the so-called “global village”, we refer to the existence of a worldwide social system which is based on social, economic, political and cultural relationships at an international scale.


New clients are very demanding people, who have much information available, information which generates knowledge and new references, leading to comparison of quality patterns at an international level. In other words, more competition between organizations.




In this global context companies search for new ways of surviving and growing. Quality, commitment with stable growth, with internationalization and creation of competitive advantages are fundamental if we want to guarantee survival and competitiveness for companies. Today, a company's competitive advantages are made up mainly of its intangible assets, which, in our case, are our people.

 In QLA we promote a pleasant work environment and encourage commitment, taking into account people's experience.




We are part of an established multidisciplinary teamwork, made up of well trained people with talent and complementary skills, that all share a common goal, which is to be able to adjust to our clients' needs and new demands “just-in-time”.

Our specialists are people who show personal commitment in the projects, and work with a high level of motivation and enthusiasm, with an open attitude, favouring participation and teamwork; this, added to their skills, means our team always have in sight the improvement of our service and the generation of added value for our clients. Indeed, our results are always the fruit of a continuous and multidisciplinary effortDo you want to know how our team works?


The difference we make consists in our constant pursuit of excellence, which represents our leverage to success, and our adaptability in facing whatever need, in a continuous search, together with our clients, for the best option to form strong and lasting relationships.

We are aware of the management  trends in the present market, and thanks to our transversal team work, and to our adjustment to our clients' present and future needs in a proactive and dedicated way, we are able to be absolutely committed to them and generate win/win relationships.

Corporative Social Responsibility is also part of our DNA, since QLA firmly believes in social, economic and environmental balance.

Another tool that makes a difference is our commitment to online management of our services. Thanks to access via Internet, our clients' information is just one click away , and can be viewed and administered in a most speedy and convenient way.







QLA wants to go ahead making a difference in a greedy world, where the sharing of goods must be fair; we have to be socially responsible concerning our environment and furthermore, we must have internal and external teams (stakeholders) that are integrated in our project. Indeed, CSR is a reaction in the face of social changes that require companies to have a more active role in responding to social and environmental challenges.  Many companies give a certain part of their profits as contributions to NGOs or social projects in order to improve their public image, or present Triple Bottom Line reports; but this is not sufficient, knowing that Corporate Social Responsibility is a much larger concept than just specific actions.

In QLA, our level of commitment leads us to incorporate CSR transversally, in all our projects and in our strategy. It's necessary to encourage policies that contribute to a more balanced society and to consumer satisfaction based on environmental sustainability. Sustainable operations enable  to carry out projects that are balanced in social, environmental and economic aspects.

Ethics, integrity, equal opportunities, respect and value given to our staff and to all our internal and external clients, respect for the environment and innovation are values that are intrinsic to our company; they are all incorporated in our code of conduct.



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